Aesop Haircare

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Aesop believes that a great haircare routine begins with gentle yet effective cleansing at the scalp; when the scalp is healthy and balanced, the hair becomes shinier and stronger. This is why Aesop has created a range of shampoo products to deliver unrivalled results for your individual hair type. From balancing shampoo to more hydrating and nourishing formulas, each Aesop shampoo helps to wash away impurities and keep the hair root in beautiful balance.

The Aesop haircare range also includes products to help condition and treat, so no matter whether you have curly, colour-treated, damaged or dehydrated hair, there is a treatment to suit you. One of our favourites is the Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque, which helps to restore shine and softness without weighing down the hair.
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