Benefit Brows

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The fun-loving brand benefit Cosmetics was founded by Indiana farm twins Jean and Jane Ford in 1976. After flipping a coin to determine their futures, deciding whether they were to open a makeup shop or a casserole café, their fates were sealed when it came up tails. Ever since the coin fell, the women have been on a mission to inject playfulness back into the beauty industry, recognising that some women feel most relaxed and happy when they have a face full of makeup. It’s through laughter and smiling that the Ford twins feel that women look their most beautiful, which is a philosophy that their whole brand revolves around.

Since the brand launched, they have been an authority in the world of brows. From a high, well-defined arch to a bushier, fluffier brow, they have a whole line of brow products to suit anybody’s needs. From the ultra-fine Precisely My Brow for focused, precise flicks, to the Goof Proof pencil for those who need a little bit more guidance when it comes to shaping, your best brows yet are waiting for you.

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