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About Hairburst Haircare

How Do Hairburst Products Work? 

Hairburst is scientifically formulated with Hair Growth in mind. But how exactly does it work? Here’s the science behind their hair growth products:

"To put it simply, hair loss is caused by a disruption in the hair growth cycle, causing hair to move out of the growth phase and on to the transitional and shedding phase. The hair growth cycle occurs naturally but disruptors such as heated styling tools, poor nutrition, stress, and allergens can all have a detrimental affect on the amount of time hair stays in the growth phase. Ageing and genetics do also have a part to play in hair loss, and although these are not things we can control, we can still support hair with products to make sure it stays as healthy as possible when faced with these factors."



What do James Hill, Henry Gwilliam and Matthew Cragg all have in common? They’re all founders of the Hairburst brand. In 2014, the three men invested their life savings of £4,000 into kickstarting their own range of haircare products aimed at promoting hair wellness, believing that more needed to be done to protect hair from external aggressors such as stress and pollution.

Hairburst has developed a range of award-winning shampoos and conditioners that aim to replenish the hair according to its particular concern. Whether you have dry and damaged hair, oily hair, or curly and wavy hair, Hairburst aims to make your life a little easier, rejuvenating locks from root to tip. Our hair is our one constant accessory, therefore it makes perfect sense to invest in keeping it in top condition.

Hairburst Strawberry Chewable Vitamins are a fun and effortless step in your haircare routine. Each capsule contains an easily digestible blend of biotin, selenium and zinc, which supercharges hair in a way that prevents thinning while simultaneously boosting hair health. Gluten-free and with low sugar content, the gummies are suitable for most individuals.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official stockists of the Hairburst brand in IE.