Origins has really made a name for itself in the skincare world, now holding the award for the world’s number one face masks, and cult-beauty blogger favourite ‘Super Spot Remover, Blemish Control Gel’. Not only have they built a sustainable production plan which appeals to our nature-loving population, but the products work effectively too! With a beautiful range of foundations, concealers, lip glosses, blushers, eye makeup and brushes, Origins makeup covers everything you might need in your makeup bag! In keeping with their all-natural range, their makeup products are also made from organic sources, highlighted in the range names ‘GinZing’, ‘Drink Up’, ‘Plantscription’, and ‘Pinch Your Cheeks’. Explore the full product range and find a colour to compliment your skin tone and your new organic skin care regime!

From the Experts at Origins

What are Adaptogens and do we need them in our beauty routine?

Adaptogens are leading the way in barrier-boosting skincare. But what exactly are they? We asked Liz Chittern, education manager at Origins, to share everything you need to know.

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In the late 80s, Origins stood out among a culture of excess with our minimal approach to beauty. We harnessed the power of plants to create high performance skincare and in the process, revolutionised the beauty business with our return to nature and commitment to the environment.We created the first cosmetic container recycling program and have worked with organisations like Global ReLeaf to plant trees around the world. Origins products are always formulated with the best of nature from sustainable regions and are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.