Body Lotions

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Dealing with dry, flaky or patchy skin on your body? Help nourish your skin by tackling the issue head-on with an effective moisturising lotion. Lotions are a highly effective way to banish flaky skin, yet they won't leave your skin feeling heavy and oily. Choose from some top brands, including Neutrogena, Mama Mio and Bondi Sands right here. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we know how much soft and supple skin can make us feel great. Flaky, dry and peeling skin can cause our complexions to look dull and tired. Yet, with a good quality lotion, you can penetrate the skin with layers of goodness - letting essential oils and plant extracts get to work on banishing dryness. A light, everyday moisturising lotion can be part of a daily skincare regime and can help lock in moisture all day long. We're sure you'll love how effortlessly our skin-reviving lotions will glide onto your skin, so browse our full collection today.
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