Skincare for Normal & Combination skin

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A regular skincare routine is vital for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Normal and combination skin types thrive with a daily skincare regime that keeps your skin in check.

A regular skincare routine should involve cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturising and protecting.

Cleansers, whether gel-based or cream-based, are used to remove any dirt, impurities and pollutants that may have clogged your pores. Toners are used to remove excess oil and even out your skin tone, while removing any minute traces of dirt left on your face after cleansing. Exfoliation doesn't need to be a daily part of your skincare, but it is recommended to be done at least twice a week to remove any dead skin cells that are lingering on the surface of the skin to prevent breakouts, pigmentation and dull skin. Moisturisers are extremely important for keeping your skin hydrated as they work to lock in moisture, preventing dryness while keeping your skin soft. Sun protection, in the form of SPF, is a must-have product to ensure that your skin is protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun which could lead to damaged skin and premature ageing.

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