Facial Toners

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Discover the benefits of using a facial toner in your skincare routine.

Toners are an often overlooked but important part of your skincare routine. Think of it as the second stage of cleansing, as toners uplift any dirt and makeup that your cleanser may have missed making them ideal for those who struggle with oily and blemish-prone skin. A good face toner will also helps to re-balance the skin’s pH after cleansing keeping future breakouts at bay.

Not only do face toners work to close your pores to reduce the chances of dirt and impurities setting in, they also protect your skin from environmental contaminants which you can come into contact with from the air outdoors. Many toners are designed for daily morning use (just make sure you check your chosen toner can be used every day) while others have exfoliating properties and are best used at night. It's also recommended to use an SPF the day after using an exfoliating toner to protect the new layer of skin from the sun.

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