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Enjoy soothing scents, relaxing sleep mists, calming sprays and luxury scented candles and diffusers with the LOOKFANTASTIC range of room fragrances. Fill your space with tranquil vibes, a positive atmosphere and refreshing aromas with brands including NEOM, ESPA, this works and OSKIA. Our room fragrance collection has been curated with wellbeing in mind. You'll find aromatherapy sprays that evoke feelings of calm when practising yoga, whisper-weight lavender pillow mists to induce a good night’s sleep and candles with both floral and fiery scents that look sublime in bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms. Discover innovative candles from NEOM, which feature melted wax that can be used as a nourishing skin treatment after the flame has been extinguished. Choose scented candles and essential oil blends of uplifting neroli and mimosa to encourage happiness and energy. Or opt for opulent reed diffusers enriched with everything from rhubarb and rose to pomegranate and lily and create beautiful aromas that are bespoke to your home. Browse our full range of room fragrances, scented candles & diffusers and fill the air with inviting and comforting scents.
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