Hair Dye & Root Touch Up

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Are your roots driving you mad? At LOOKFANTASTIC, you can cheat your way to salon-style hair with our range of hair colour root touch-ups that disguise regrowth and hide grey strands fast. Perfect for using in-between colour appointments, discover low maintenance sprays, powders, gels and glosses that deliver temporary colour pigments to camouflage those pesky telltale roots. Hair colour root touch up products is quick and easy to apply and designed to last until you wash it out. From light blonde to dark blonde and brown to black, our range of fast-drying sprays and brush in powders allow for precise application. Blending into your hair flawlessly, they are great for creating the illusion of thicker locks on thinning hair. Alongside quick-fix sprays and powders, you’ll find colour gels and glosses that revitalise blonde, chestnut and brown shades by adding rich pigmented sheen to your hair. Browse our full range of hair colour root touch up products today and disguise regrowth fast.
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