Hair Masks

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Is your hair in need of a little boost? Are you suffering from split ends, dull or lifeless hair, or a dry scalp? Discover the pure luxury of a deeply penetrating hair mask, which will restore your locks to their former glory. Say hello to shiny, full and bouncy hair with hair masks from top brands, including Grow Gorgeous, Opalex and Christophe Robin. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we know how distressing it can be to deal with dry, thinning or unruly hair. Yet often, all it needs is a good leave-in treatment to help penetrate your roots, deeply nourish and repair damage. Hair masks contain essential oils and collagen boosters that work to get to the root cause of damage and tackle it from within. Incorporate regular mask treatments into your hair care regime and you'll soon see the back of limp and lacklustre hair. Browse our full range of hair masks to gift your hair that boost it deserves.
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