Hair Treatments for Oily & Greasy Hair

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Discover lightweight hair care for oily skin with treatments that detoxify greasy hair and rebalance oily roots. Oily hair can be a pain. When excess sebum sits on the scalp, it feels like you have to wash your hair every day. But with the right treatments, you can get oily roots under control whilst giving the rest of your hair a big boost of hydration. Our haircare for oily skin comes from brands including Christophe Robin, VICHY and Aveda who have target-specific formulas that purify, balance and stimulate the scalp. Nourishing from root to tip, you’ll find shampoos, conditioners, masks and toners that eliminate excess oil and impurities whilst they cleanse and condition. Discover PH-balancing formulas that stabilise sebaceous glands so that they produce less oil, antibacterial ingredients that lure surplus grease away from the hair and oil-absorbing dry shampoos that soak up grease in a flash. Browse our full range of hair care for oily skin today.
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