Lip Brushes

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Who doesn't love a bold lip? Whether you opt for a classic red lip or experiment with a dark ombre lip, the best way to apply any lip product is with a lip brush. Lip brushes can easily be overlook when considering your list of makeup must-haves, but lip brushes enable you to have maximum control over your lip product application, securing fantastic results.

Using a lip brush is an easy way to ensure that your lips don't become too heavily coated, avoiding any potential cracking and smudging. Another huge advantage of using a lip brush is how simple it becomes to mix different formulas and colours together to make a striking combination shade, or to simply blend liner and lipstick on the lips. Lip brushes allow you to line your lips with precision and accuracy, so there's no chance of any smudging or colour bleeding.

Whether you're applying a bold coat of lipstick, or a softer layer of gloss to your lips, using a lip brush ensures that your lip product looks professionally applied.

LOOKFANTASTIC has an extensive collection of lip brushes designed to improve the application of lip products and boost your lip looks

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