Eyelash Curlers

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Using an eyelash curler is the perfect way to enhance the shape of your eyes and give them an open, vibrant look. Despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, eyelash curlers are extremely easy to use, and it's recommended to use one before and after applying mascara. For thicker-looking eyelashes, you can even use a lash comb to remove surplus mascara.

Our range includes deluxe curlers, which have an extra-large curling surface made from silicone pads to limit eyelash sticking, to professional versions, which have an innovative top bar that helps boost control of the curler when lifting it from the eyelash.

Purchasing a high-quality eyelash curler is definitely worth the investment given how quick and effective they are at highlighting the natural look of your eyes. For hygiene and performance reasons, it's recommended to replace the pad once every three months and the curler after a year.

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