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Prime and polish your pout to perfection with our range of lip scrubs. These super hard-working formulas will buff away any dead skin cells and imperfections that make your lipsticks look anything but perfect. Even if you're not a lipstick-wearer, taking good care of your lips is vital for maintaning their flush colour and youthful plumpness.

Most exfoliating lip scrubs are made with natural exfoliants like sugar or citrus (seeMakeup Revolution's Sugar Kiss Lip Scrub) that help to smooth your pout. Some formulas are even packed with hydrating oils and butters to leave you with a super-soft, kissable lips after each use. At LOOKFANTASTIC, some of our favourites include theBarry M Cosmetics Lip Scrub andDr. PAWPAW's Scrub & Nourish.

You should aim to use a lip scrub once or twice a week. And if you wear lipstick regularly, you can up that to three or four times a week. Careful not to over-exfoliate though, and this can lead to dry, chapped lips. Just scoop some of the lip scrub out of the pot and massage over your lips, buffing gently to remove any flakiness and boost blood circulation. Rinse off with a wash cloth or damp cotton pad, and always follow with your favourite lip balm!
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