Men's Shaving

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Keep your face and body hair groomed to perfection with our men’s shaving range. Razors and shaving foams let you achieve a clean shave – free from in-grown hairs and razor burn. Or turn to our pro-worthy trimmers to shape and trim your beard. Then finish your look with nourishing beard treatments, like oils, balms and conditioners to soften and condition your facial fuzz. And when it’s time to tackle body hair, giving yourself a tidy trim all over has never been easier, with body trimmers from the best in the grooming business.

Is shaving gel, cream or oil best?

If your skin and beard are prone to dryness, an oil will help to nourish and condition them. A shaving gel doesn’t lather like a cream does, so if you’re new to shaving, a gel is often easier to work with as you can see what you're shaving. And if you prefer your shaving formula to lather, choose a cream.

How often should men shave?

This depends on the style you want. If you’re after a clean shave, you’ll probably find you need to shave every 1–2 days. But if you prefer a style with some stubble, you can go every 2–3 days.

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