Nail Kits & Manicure Sets

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Keep your nails healthy and flawless with our nail kits and tools

Looking after your nails and knowing they're healthy and looking great is a real confidence boost. Nail kits and manicure sets are one of the most convenient ways to achieve healthy and attractive-looking nails.

Whether you prefer bold, vibrant shades of red or the classic muted tones of the French tips, LOOKFANTASTIC's wide range of manicure sets and accessories makes a perfect investment. Keep up with the latest UK nail trends right here by browsing the coloured polish collections and false nail sets – your quick and easy go-to for those last-minute nights out or hasty work mornings.

Alongside nail varnish, gel polish and top and base coats, here you'll find a range of nail maintenance tools such as cuticle pushers, pedicure brushes, LED nail lights and much more. Ensure your nails are kept in great condition by shaping and filing, cutting your cuticles, and finishing off with a slick layer of nourishing nail oil.

Manicure and pedicure sets also make an ideal gift for those in your life who enjoy a pamper. LOOKFANTASTIC stocks a range of popular nail brands, including essie, Red Carpet Manicure, Elegant Touch and Le Mini Macaron, among many more. Browse the range of nail kits and manicure sets today.

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