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Do it like the professionals do with our nail tools and accessories. From files and buffers to clippers and cuticle pushers, our range will have you nailing that salon-worthy manicure in no time.

Every manicure kit needs these essential tools: clippers, a nail file, nail buffer, nail tape, a dotting tool, a nail stamper, nail art brushes and a correcting pen. These tools will help you prep your nail, create nail art, and also help correct any mistakes. DIY nail art has never been easier with stamping and dotting tools, while clippers and nail scissors keep your nails looking their very best.

Sterilising your nail tools at home has never been easier. Place all of your nail tools into a clean bowl filled with disinfectant. Leave them for at least 10 minutes. Remove them and rinse them with warm water. Leave on a towel to dry.

Top Tip! If you want to remove fake nails but don't have any nail tools to hand, don't worry! The quickest way to remove fake or acrylic nails is to soak a cotton ball with acetone and place it over your nail. Then wrap your nail in tin foil and leave it for 30 minutes. Then you can lift or buff the rest of the nail off with a cuticle pusher.

Learn all the tricks of the trade at home with nail accessories from Essie, Tweezerman, brushworks and more at LOOKFANTASTIC.

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