Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

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Keep your blonde hair looking its best with a purple shampoo. A high-maintenance hue, intense violet pigments effortlessly cool brassiness to keep your locks light and bright. Especially if you go swimming regularly or are out in the sun for extended periods of time, you’ll notice your blonde lengths turning brassy or orange.

Not only will a purple shampoo tone your colour, but they also fortify your strands to better protect them from heat and environmental damage. Oh and they smell delicious too! There is also good news for brunettes with blonde highlights, using a blonde shampoo will help to tone and cool the highlights.

We recommend not using purple shampoo if you have dry hair because the hair shafts will absorb more of the purple pigment, meaning you may end up with uneven absorption of the shampoo. In other words – patchy brassy hair! Don't make the mistake of replacing your normal shampoo with purple shampoo. Instead, use it once a week as more of a special treatment to eliminate yellow and brassy tones.

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